Brown Crump Vanore & Tierney, LLP - Attorneys At Law
Areas of Practice
Insurance Defense/Insurance Coverage
The firm has a long relationship with select insurance companies operating in North Carolina and offers expertise in handling litigation for insurers and the individuals and businesses they insure when faced with litigation, or the threat of litigation. The firm is very familiar with the unique demands of the relationship between insured, insurer, and outside counsel. Our clients benefit from both our experience in managing defense litigation and our recognized courtroom expertise and skill necessary to protect the client's interest when a case must be tried. In addition to offering extensive experience representing insureds in a wide variety of civil actions, the firm also specializes in insurance coverage litigation. The firm has handled a significant number of complex coverage actions involving a wide array of issues for analysis and resolution.
Personal Injury
The firm has vast experience in litigating personal injury actions. We have expertise in marshalling the evidence and resources necessary for the successful handling and resolution of these actions. We have used this expertise to achieve successful results for our clients, both in settlement and at trial.
Automobile Liability
We represent clients who are involved in a wide variety of automobile accident situations, including questions of liability, insurance coverage and the nature and extent of the damages including complex medical questions. We represent injured persons as well as individuals and businesses in need of defense against claims. Over time, our attorneys have obtained an extraordinary amount of experience in handling these sorts of claims from the standpoint of the insurance carrier as well as the drivers involved.
Arson and Insurance Fraud
Scott Brown and Craig Tierney have handled hundreds of arson and fraud claims including investigations, examinations under oath, insurance commission complaints, and trials.
Wrongful Death
Members of the firm have successfully resolved complicated wrongful death cases through mediation, arbitration and trial, including electrocutions, trucking accidents, drownings, construction accidents, fire and automobile accidents.

O. Craig Tierney is a NCDRC certified mediator. Craig is available for mediation and arbitration services.
Medical Malpractice
The firm provides litigation services to clients in the area of medical professional negligence and malpractice claims.
Pharmacy Malpractice
Our firm represents both individual pharmacists and corporations on matters pertaining to alleged prescription errors, standards of care, industry regulations and federal and state law pertaining to a wide variety of pharmaceutical claims.
Products Liability
The firm's products liability experience includes cases involving all manner of products, including those for personal use as well as industrial products. We have extensive experience bringing these cases through the discovery process to trial, including top quality expert selection, pre-trial motions concerning the admissibility of expert testimony, and use of technology to streamline and manage these cases.
Crop Insurance Litigation
Crop insurance litigation includes virtually every aspect of the loss, including insurance questions, questions of overlapping insurance and competing policies, the cause and extent of the damage, questions concerning valuation of the loss, proper handling procedures and interpretation of the insurance contracts at issue.
Municipality Liability                                                  
We have represented municipal entities on issues ranging from simple negligence of a town or city employee to complex questions concerning sovereign immunity, special town/citizen relationships, employer-employee litigation, insurance questions and the relationships between differing municipalities.
Trucking Liability
We are involved in litigation concerning federal and state commercial vehicle regulations, licensing requirements, loading and hauling regulations, interstate commerce issues and complex jurisdictional matters. For a period of many years we have obtained experience in a wide variety of contexts pertaining to commercial vehicles of every description.
Premises Liability
We handle slip and falls, assaults and battery, dog bites, unlawful detention, false arrests, malicious prosecution, trespass, negligent security, and many other matters arising out of the use of property, public or private. We have been involved in virtually every aspect of claims concerning the potential liability of a property owner, tenant or manager. These matters have included interpretations of legal and factual situations, insurance policies, lease agreements, easements and other complex considerations.
Our experience in property and casualty matters naturally lends itself to the efficient handling of all types of subrogation claims.
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